Dems wield auto bailouts as issue against GOP

Dems wield auto bailouts as issue against GOP
… which supplied the funding source for the loans to GM and Chrysler through the $ 700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program. TARP was initially set up to rescue Wall Street banks from the subprime mortgage crisis. Kasich has taken more of a middle …
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Before 'The Big Short': Michael Lewis' first take on the financial collapse
Editor's note: Sixteen months before Michael Lewis' "The Big Short," hit bookstores in 2010, Condé Nast Portfolio magazine published Lewis' first extensive take on what caused the financial crisis of 2007-2008. It was Portfolio's most-trafficked story …
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Angel Oak Announces 0 Million Securitization of Non-Prime Mortgages
“When Angel Oak was founded, we aimed to take advantage of dislocations in subprime residential mortgage-backed securities that were deeply undervalued following the financial crisis,” said Angel Oak Managing Partner and co-CEO Michael Fierman. “As …
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Why Quicken Loans is the Taylor Swift of the mortgage industry
In addition, Kevin Watters, CEO of Chase Mortgage Banking, said in an interview with CNBC that the FHA's loan requirements look an awful lot like subprime lending. "FHA requirements are down to a 520 FICO (credit score) and you only have to put 3.5% …
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Self Storage- A Great Option For Excess Stuff

Self storage in Milton is a great option for those of us that have more things in our home than we have room for but do not yet have the heart to get rid of it. Some people have collections of items that they are running out of room for and no longer have the storage space in the home along with making the home a livable space.

In these instances there is always the wonderful option of being able to store your items in a facility. In these cases everyone is aware that the products are safe because of the precautions that the facilities take.

One also has the option of taking out some type of insurance on the items in the cases that the items are worth a significant amount of money. The insurance would cover the cost if there would be a flood, fire, or any other instance that may lead to the demise of the items.

These units are locked and can only be accessed by the owner that has a key. Most of the locations are also gated in the cases in which people may try to break into the spaces without a key the monitor will be able to allow the police to see who it was.

Storage units are a great way to store items such as Christmas decorations that take up so much space in the home but are only used a couple of months out of the year. It is very easy to go to the unit and get the items out and then take them back to the unit once the holiday is over and place them back in storage.

The cost of the unit is a very great price if you are the type who likes to have a neat home environment. Self storage in Milton can be a great investment.

Storage Solutions ( is a family owned and operated self storage Milton facility that is dedicated to your storage needs.

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Association directors refuse to believe homeowner is ‘invisibly disabled’ – Los Angeles Times

Association directors refuse to believe homeowner is 'invisibly disabled'
Los Angeles Times
Question: I live in a homeowner association where the manager and board directors insist I am not blind because they can see my eyes. Seven years ago, I was prescribed daily-use eyedrops that caused serious eye damage. I was declared permanently …

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Quad City Times
New homeowner eager to host Christmas dinner at habitat house
Quad City Times
After she was handed keys to 906 Tremont Ave., Davenport, on Saturday, the 39-year-old mother of three and grandmother was eager with anticipation over what she could do with the first home she has ever owned. She wants to host her first Christmas …

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Homeowner confronts several home invaders near Pearland
Investigators are searching for three people who broke into a home near Pearland, and then ran away when the homeowner confronted them. Surveillance video shows a man walk inside and straight into the master bedroom at about 12:20 pm.

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Smoke Detector Helps Save Homeowner In Chattanooga House Fire
Chattanooga firefighters say a working smoke detector installed just a day prior, saved a homeowner and his three dogs from a house fire. The fire happened Saturday at 3906 7th Avenue where fighters found heavy smoke. The homeowner told first …
Recently installed smoke detectors save livesWRCB-TV

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Cleveland homeowner shoots man who tried to break into house, police say
CLEVELAND, Ohio – A Cleveland homeowner shot a man who tried to break into a house early Saturday, police said. The incident happened at 1:30 a.m. on Marvin Avenue near West 32nd Street. The preliminary investigation revealed that a 19-year-old …
Cleveland Police: Suspect, homeowner taken into custody after attempted
Cleveland police arrest homeowner who chases, shoots

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KRQE News 13
Attempted car burglar shot by homeowner has bond set
KRQE News 13
According to a criminal complaint, Javier Valenzuela and an accomplice were breaking into a car in the foothills when the homeowner came outside to confront them. That homeowner told police Valenzuela was raising his gun at him when he shot at him five …
Alleged car thief shot by homeowner faces

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